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If there is a word that is emphasized and uttered often when buying a property then it is “located”, and, indeed, there is a good reason why it is given a lot of emphases. It should, in fact, determine your choice of a residential property. Unlike all other factors, location impacts your quality of life and access to important services. Crescent Park Residences property is perfectly located in a place that makes it easy for the residents to access whatever they need conveniently. Most importantly, the area is safe and enjoys a beautiful environment that makes living enjoyable. Also, the property’s proximity to places of interest makes it a worthwhile investment, and a perfect home especially for families looking for a permanent residence in the city of Taguig.

For families with school going kids, living in Crescent Park Residences makes it easy to access schools. In fact, there are many schools and colleges here that provide the best education to residents of Taguig, and other neighboring areas. To give you a few examples, some of the schools, you’ll conveniently have access to when you become a resident of this amazing residential property include Pitogo Elementary School, Haven Montessori, Integrated Montessori Center Inc., Meridian International College, Enderun Colleges, Taguig City University, Philippine Public Safety College and many other great learning institutions that provide the best education. Indeed, living in Crescent Park Residences gives you a golden opportunity to give your kids the best education. 

Hospitals are also available in big numbers and they are all renowned for providing the best medical services. You can only say your location is perfect if you have access to medical services conveniently, and that’s exactly what you will enjoy once you choose a unit at Crescent Park Residences. Some of the best hospitals you can rely on when you need medication include St. Luke’s Medical Center, Taguig District Hospital, Cruz-Rabe Maternity & General Hospital, Taguig Doctors Hospital, Healthway Medical Clinic Hospitals and many others. Indeed, you won’t have to complain about lack of hospitals or other medical services providers once you settle at Crescent Park Residences. 

The other thing that makes Crescent Park Residences location the best is the fact that it is near restaurants and supermarkets. Once you are here, you won’t have to worry about where you will be doing your shopping. You will be living close to the best shopping centers and markets. Just to give you a few examples, supermarkets include Kabayan, the Marketplace, Central Square, Robinsons Selections, and Kabayan among others. Restaurants include Crave Burger, Keizo, Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza, and the Cookery Place among others. What else will you need when you have all these awesome places near your home? That’s why everyone is looking for a chance to be among the owners of homes at Crescent Park Residences.

You should live in a perfectly located home and have access to everything you need to enjoy your living. Gone are the days when people used to travel far to school, hospitals, restaurants and shopping centers. These days, if you choose nicely, rest assured that you will live in a good place. Crescent Park Residences gives you a chance to live in a beautiful environment and provides convenient access to whichever place you want to travel.

Restaurants :

  • Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza - 0.04 km
  • Keizo - 0.06 km
  • The Cookery Place - 0.06 km
  • BBQ Chicken Beer - 0.06 km
  • Crave Burger - 0.07 km

Supermarkets :

  • Kabayan - 0.10 km
  • Robinsons Selections - 0.24 km
  • RJPL Souvenirs and Giveaways - 0.38 km
  • Central Square - 0.48 km
  • The Marketplace - 0.48 km

Schools :

  • Kelly Academy International - 0.01 km
  • Little Gym - 0.18 km
  • Pitogo - 0.45 km

Hospitals :

  • Spinal Care - 0.03 km
  • The Dermatology Suite - 0.03 km
  • Tomatis - 0.07 km
  • Aimee AguilarTeo M.D. - 0.12 km
  • Le Clinique - 0.12 km
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